7 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools – Get More Social Media Traffic On Website


7 Best Free Social Media monitoring Tools – Get More Social Media Traffic On Website

how to Get More Social Media Traffic Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and every other social site there, Hello everyone I’m your Arjun and today I’m going to teach you how to get more social traffic in your blog websites using these free tools.

Today I am Going to teach you the best free sharing tools these tools help you get more traffic on your website blog post and I am giving here best free 7 Social Media share tools to link and review, is really to help you get more traffic on your website, hope you get more traffic from all the major social sites.

 1. Hootsuite tool
2.  Manychat.tool
3. buzzsumo.tool
4. socialblade tool
5. hellobar tool
6. Subscribers tool
7. Zohosocial tool

7 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

1 = Hootsuite.com Hootsuite free I have for you guys is it easy one ( Hootsuite ) This tool allows you to schedule your social content out with his we know we can share content also resides with few clicks but you can also schedule your content many months.

 that is important because most people share account at once on social sites like Twitter if you show your content on Twitter 6 times and you heard that saying he’s content you roughly get two to 3 times more traffic it’s a simple hack works

well, and you should be doing that remember when you share content north of people wants here so there’s nothing wrong with the train that content three, four, five, six, seven times throughout the year I usually do that sent his account at once every 2 months so roughly 6 times a year.

2= Manychat.com Many chat allows you to get traffic from Facebook (many chat) what’s all that it’s a chatbot 211 just Facebook Messenger and what you find as they could do in the open rates are ridiculous a detailed email if you want easy traffic leverage manager will do people come to you.

can subscribe to you through Facebook Messenger and then when you have a blocked person message you can push it out through many chat you’ll get open rate above 60% and you’ll get quick great wall of 34th 50% the numbers are crazy all the time it drives even when you still see your picture above 30%. Effective.

3=Buzzsumo.com buzzsumo you writing contact when you write can’t a lot of time to share on social and no one to like or comment or engage with your content but with buzzsumo better show you all the other particles within your face and all the one that I’m parked will look at the top right word that on Facebook on Twitter and again you’ll get more traffic because only you writing stuff that people want to read it and just writing whatever you want to write about.

4= Socialblade.com free tools socialblade I know it’s that say to everyone knows when it comes to a YouTube but they need more than YouTube Elsa Do Instagram leader Twitter and they do all the major social sites out there with cool bar socialblade is show you your subscriber growth.

over time as well as how much can’t you’re pushing out it’ll help you find powder and I’m here if I put up 5 twins do I get more Powers when I Lee pro vs Arlo Pro 13 or on YouTube how many more subscribers am I getting per day based on how much continent producing this will help optimize how much continue should be creating to get the max amount of subscribers fans and followers.

5= Hellobar.com what is Hellobar? have to do a social media hellobar email from here’s the thing that you’re posting turn on the social web any social site if it does really well the chancellor it’ll go viral.

 HelloBar looks like emails from your blog or your website when you collect these emails then when you push IN content on the social web send those email subscribers saying hey check out this on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn that’s the way you get more retweet like share and your post go viral.

6= Subscribers.com Subscribers it’s similar luck like to Hellobar but the email collect browser notification subscribers that when people are browsing Chrome the can click one by and subscribe and you can push notification at all these people.

when you have new content posts on your blog that just came out and you can even push him to the social sites that want to get to lease in the first hour to get more like shares and comments again that’s why your post go viral.

7= Zohosocial.com Zohosocial Makes it you to easy to work with your team members and on top of that they help you research keywords but using Zoho social it’ll help you determine what

KEYWORD YOUR TARGETING IN YOUR POST people Help you determine what to wear social site because he was in your titles descriptions the whole text you’ll find that not as many people see a lot of people are doing searches only Southside lot of people use Twitter search using a keyword you’ll get more traffic

16 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

7 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools
I Hope you are getting best free sharing tools here and enjoying this article if I help you to get free traffic please comment below.

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