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Airtm App

How to use Airtm Exchanger App

If you want to know how to use the “Airtm app” you are the right place I will tell you as giving a Simple 1-4 step you have to flow all details step by step in blown.

1.  download the “Airtm app” from google play store click here to download the app, and if you have already a web account you can log in the same email and password if you don’t have an “Airtm” account flow step down.

2. Now write your email address fill up your country where do you live and click continue to receive an email with a button to validate our email click have the boxes with your information and now you have to follow the final step.

 3. It is to adapt your profile to make sure that the data is correct because Airtm exchanger reviews your data information for verifying your Aitm account.

4. Now click here verify now detail in our address Airtm select the Heidi option with which Airtm will verify upload a photo of your Airtm and a selfie-and ready in a short time you will receive an email with the confirmation of our verification.

How to verify Airtm account and get cashier dashboard Read

How to deposit money Airtm (Airtm deposit)

A. Deposit details

B. Request submitted

C. Confirm transfer

D. Processing

E. Deposit complete

Now you are verified users Airtm to make your first deposit click the Airtm deposit select the payment method in this case bank transfer select the country where do you live if you have a bank account write the local currency amount that you want to deposit you have to fill the bank details ios and click send your request and after a quick and safe Free procedure and Airtm cashier will see our deposit reflected in dollars.

If you want to deposit any another online e-wallet and cryptocurrency Select the currency and find a wallet fill-up the amount and then send request submitted, when casher accepts your request, go to the transition dashboard copy deposit address and send money from your wallet


Now copy transition id come in Airtm deposit dashboard click confirm pest your transition id and submit and wait for cashier verify your transition.

How To Withdraw money Airtm (Airtm withdraw)

A. withdraw details

B. Request submitted

 C. Confirm transfer

 D. Processing

 E. Withdraw complete

Click withdraw button and continue select currency which currency where you want to withdraw money cryptocurrency and e-currency where 100 option to withdraw your money from Airtm account, now fill up the amount you want to withdraw and then you can see how much you will get and how much Airtm fee for withdraw and how much Airtm cashier fee all details.

NOTE: If you want to withdraw money from your local bank account you have to fill up your bank account number IFSC code bank account holder Name bank Name Everything details.

If you want to withdraw money online e-wallets like PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, Payza, skrill and any other wallet you must have to same email address Airtm to wallet other ways you will lose your money.

Now wait for cashier send you payment and confirm the transition if the cashier confirms transition go to your wallet check it your money received or not  if you received money only you confirm transition,

If you didn’t receive the money but cashier confirm that transition in this case you cancel transition tell to Airtm what is the Reagan why you cancel, don’t worry Airtm holding your money, after Airtm Solve that problems return your money in your Airtm account.

I hope my friend you get all the information in this my article if you have any other Airtm exchanger related problems please comment.

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