Bitcoin News – Bitcoin RE-TEST OF $14K CONFIRMED



Bitcoin – has once again broken out to the upside crushing for the downward sloping resistance the spot in the questions as in we test to the $14,000 region potentially been confirmed what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby hear your cryptocurrency were back with another edition.

Bitcoin what is going on my friend’s today discuss Bitcoin and there’s savagery Resene inside the chart right now Grandma’s cookies and a bottom Bitcoin has proven to maintain its bullish momentum and has broken out flush to the upside.

the question my friends are always seeing right now and not Momentum here in my opinion to create a new hire High because my friends at this point in time we have still not done this and if so is this lining up for not only and run up to potentially bitcoin $12 to $13 k but a test of $14000 and beyond so as a full-time trader ID like to discuss with you my strategy my game plan and how I plant a crush this Mork.


Crypto Moon The Lakes ladies and gentlemen moon up alright so will begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis and of course before we begin this is not investment advice this is not treating advice these are only my own opinions ideas and speculative hypotheses on the market always do your own researching your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market.

 Is extremely high risk and I am not your financial advisor I will never tell you what to do with your trades or and best mince being said ladies and gentlemen ding ding ding chicken wings for dinner tofu with your vegan Bitcoin Consolidated right here underneath the point to 36 Fibonacci retracements.

 Now resistance what does actually wonder creating here with we didn’t have to know at the time but we’re going to discuss this around up making somewhat of a Bull flag here right now if we take a flagpole we could see we have a flag and now we’ve broken out to the upside on but at the time we go over here to the 4-hourS time frame we were still respecting.

The downward sloping trendline right we were finding a lot of resistance right here at this region you can see for 12 hours is not strapper 12 hours here 3 for our candles and all respected once twice and Thrice this downward sloping resistance along with if we flip are moving averages’


we were getting rejected there as well underneath that 50 moving average on the 4-hourS time for him right along with Andy Daly time frame a barrister vergence that was still being respected etcetera bearish until we broke through resistance here but it was also the looming factor that if we were able to break this right and break above that moving average break above the point to 36 Fibonacci.

To where we are now I mean what kind of what kind of resistance or support was created in this range at all nothing to me a street crocodile tooth pattern formation all within this range so for me my friends this is a very unique range because if we ordered to create a new hire hi here this may send the bus and human Traders I like on 2aaa Frenzy where we could see
this just again like we did the first time of course performance is not indicative of future results this is only my speculative hypothesis are the thing here is that I’m seeing the same sentiment that I saw last time that you know made me believe that we could see a just buy a rip like a hot knife to bottle through this range all the way up to the Redbox the point 618 golden extension.

 here right now and the fact is is that we also have this added bonus of a potential textbook Bull flag playing out to the upside with a measured move extrapolation that takes us up to roughly $13384 rate and our fib the golden said that we topped out at nearly last time wines up at exactly that level where is Jamie so I am seeing extreme bullish Confluence here with that $13,300 levels and then in terms of retesting the high.

 if we are to extrapolate to that level you guys know how this works this generally and Horne Bitcoin News overshot or a front room right so you’re either going to moon hard through it or you get up front room right by the parts are that put in orders before there and look to drive it down hey Nestle before we get there so right now what we have to keep our eyes on here is this area. news bitcoin price

still haven’t created a higher higher still on a lower high trajectory but let’s try this parks here all right this bucks here is where things may start to get very interesting in this barks are begins at the first time at about $12250 and the second $12460 ok so if we are to get up to this level this to me ladies and gentlemen is boiling point this is the creme de la creme of the trend Right Here Waiting German.
 if there is going to be another V-shaped recovery followed by a visit to the downside, in my opinion, this is where I would expect it to be that is somewhere between $12000 to 50 and $12000 450 let’s get this crypto because to me is enjoyment if we are to break through this level if we are through looks like to me there’s pretty clear season clear sailing up to that measured with extrapolation into my Redbox Territory between $13300 are all the way up to nearly $14000 let’s get this crypto, of course, these are only my own speculative opinions. Bitcoin price prediction

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