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What Is CryptoMiningFarm

CryptoMiningFarm is a fraudulent business model discovered online at The plan offers one of the greatest pyramid-based commission structures we’ve ever observed: you win 20 levels of commissions by alluding other individuals to the system.

In the same way as other bitcoin tricks on the web today, CryptoMiningFarm has based its plan around digital money mining. This has been a prevalent focus for the MLM business since cryptographic money mining is somewhat puzzling in any case: even the true blue diggers are dubious about their tasks, and few individuals completely comprehend bitcoin or blockchain innovation.

Regardless, CryptoMiningFarm offers multi-month, half year, 1 year, multi-year, and multi-year mining contracts. You can likewise buy a lifetime mining contract.

The organization ensures benefits and claims it’s been paying clients since 2014. Significantly all the more stunning is that the organization ensures that it will never build the trouble of the mining task – in spite of the way that the “trouble” is picked by the bitcoin arrange itself, and not by CryptoMiningFarm.

Clearly, we’ve officially detected a couple of warnings about CryptoMiningFarm. So we should investigate how the stage professes to profit for you.

How Does CryptoMiningFarm Work?

CryptoMiningFarm is forthright about the way that there’s no genuine digital money being mined in its task. The organization’s site every now and again says “GHS” as a unit of estimation.

On the FAQs page, the organization answers the inquiry, “What is GHS on”, and they reply with the accompanying:

GHS is virtual mining hashrate. We don’t have any genuine bitcoin ASIC equipment.”

At the end of the day, CryptoMiningFarm is mining its own private blockchain that has nothing to do with the bitcoin arrange. The tokens utilized in the stage are a certifiable blockchain-based token that has been mined – however they have no characteristic incentive outside of the CryptoMiningFarm stage.

Besides, there doesn’t give off an impression of being a genuine blockchain here – it’s “virtual mining” – which implies that there may not be a genuine cryptographically-anchored record or blockchain.

Eventually, that makes CryptoMiningFarm a fraudulent business model in view of a blockchain, and that blockchain might possibly exist. You become tied up with the organization, the organization gives “hashrate” towards the blockchain, and you procure benefits. As a general rule, as most fraudulent business models, the most ideal approach to win cash with CryptoMiningFarm is to enroll new individuals into the plan, at that point acquire commissions from up to 20 levels of offshoots.

CryptoMiningFarm Features

CryptoMiningFarm promotes the accompanying highlights:

Free 50 (GHS is an estimation of the mining homestead’s virtual hashrate and has nothing to do with hashrates on the bitcoin organize)

Venture rewards

The trouble never increments

There are no upkeep charges

15% associate rewards

Is CryptoMiningFarm A Scam?

CryptoMiningFarm is forthright about the way that it doesn’t really mine bitcoin. Be that as it may, the organization just acknowledges stores in bitcoin. Moreover, the “Benefit Calculator” page is named in bitcoin, with your “GHS” figure utilized as a hashrate. Your benefit is designated in bitcoin – notwithstanding the way that GHS and bitcoin don’t seem, by all accounts, to be associated in any capacity.

CryptoMiningFarm may offer honest to goodness associate payouts. Notwithstanding, it’s altogether in light of a fraudulent business model structure – which implies the whole business will unavoidably crumple sooner or later.

CryptoMiningFarm Subscription Plans

CryptoMiningFarm has the greater part of the accompanying plans accessible, in spite of the fact that costs are not recorded forthright:

3 Months

6 Months

1 Year

3 Years

15 Years


The more you spend today, the more drawn out your mining contract will last. You likewise access more “GHS”.

Who’s Behind CryptoMiningFarm?

CryptoMiningFarm professes to be situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The task is controlled by an organization named Lifetime Technology.

The main data we can discover about Lifetime Technology online originates from its Facebook page. That Facebook page records a telephone number and an address in Chiang Mai. The page likewise guarantees that the organization was established in November 2008 – in spite of the fact that the blockchain mining task began in 2014.

That Facebook page records the organization’s authentic site at The site records the organization’s center items, including media communications foundation, ICT arrangements, and server farms.


CryptoMiningFarm has given us no data to propose it’s an authentic bitcoin mining activity. Actually, the site’s FAQs page appears to concede that there’s no genuine bitcoin mining occurring: the organization secretly mines its own particular private blockchain. That implies you’re becoming tied up with a private blockchain-based token that has no genuine incentive outside of the CryptoMiningFarm stage. Notwithstanding this reality, the organization records your “Benefit Calculator” benefits in bitcoin – influencing you to figure you can profit from your month to month or yearly mining contracts.

Eventually, the universe of cloud mining is loaded up with fakes and tricks. CryptoMiningFarm is by all accounts forthright about the way that it’s a fraudulent business model, and that they’re not mining genuine bitcoin. Notwithstanding, regardless it is by all accounts a total trick and not an authentic venture opportunity.

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