How I Wrote a $30,000 eBook-make money writing ebooks


How I Wrote a $30,000 eBook-make money writing ebooks

Everywhere I look it looks individuals area unit cathartic eBooks and making an attempt to take advantage on their audience. There area unit quite an few success stories out there, except for the foremost half, individuals simply aren’t creating the sales they require. As I even have had tons of success with my very own eBook, Cloud Living (no longer purchasable, follow this instead, i assumed it’d be useful to tons of individuals if I wrote a guide regarding the complete method.

For those of you WHO don’t understand, Cloud Living is my eBook that teaches individuals however I build a living on-line. That being aforementioned, i need {to build|to form|to create} it clear that I don’t build a living by teaching individuals a way to make a living on-line. My biggest successes area unit in personal services which provide AN affiliate program and varied sites I run within the health niche.

My Own Example

When I had the thought to form Cloud Living, I had simply finished giving freely a free eBook on blogging. it had been ninety pages long and enclosed most of what i do know once it involves growing a journal. As I don’t simply build cash through blogging, I wished to create AN enlarged guide that offered recommendations on affiliate promoting.

In addition thereto, I wished to create the guide a resource for folks that need to create cloud living (making cash from the internet) a reality. Therefore, I enclosed variety of interviews with individuals succeeding on-line and my very own tips for obtaining things done, though you’ve got a full-time  job.

The product concluded up being around 176 pages and that i couldn’t be happier with the tip result. one thing you will realize fascinating is that I genuinely simply wished to create $1,000 from cathartic the guide. That manner I knew i’d have helped tons of individuals and therefore the months of labor it took to place the guide along can are somewhat worthwhile.

On launch day, the eBook brought in over $4,000.

Almost 700 copies of the guide are purchased
Approximately eightieth of the $30,000 is only from sales. the remainder is thru affiliate links within the book
January, half dozen months when launch, is on course to be the rival month ever in terms of sales
Before I share however I created all of this potential, let’s consider a number of the explanations for writing AN eBook within the initial place, excluding the plain money advantages.

How to write an ebook and make money
The obvious answer to most of the people, is money. If that’s your sole motivation although, then you’re missing out. There are literally {quite a|quite|quite AN} few reasons to jot down an eBook that you just might not have at first thought of:

Position Yourself as AN knowledgeable
 Since launching Cloud Living, I even have been completely full with interview requests. The guide makes it clear that i do know what I’m doing on-line, thus individuals return to Maine for recommendation. If you write a rubbish guide, then no one goes to suppose terribly extremely of you. Yet, if {you build|you create} the merchandise the simplest you’ll be able to make it, individuals can begin to note you. I currently frequently see individuals visit creating cash on-line as “Cloud Living’ and variety of “make money” blogs currently exist with Cloud within the title. This alone proved the massive influence that some individuals will have.

Having Your Own Product is huge g
 have you ever ever tried to market a product some other person created on your own blog? I even have within the personal development area and therefore the conversions area unit, quite candidly, awful. Once, with 5,000 subscribers, I solely pushed regarding fifteen sales when writing an entire post on a product. Yet, after I unharness my very own work, it sells rather well. keep in mind that individuals browse your web site for you, thus they’re additional probably to shop for a product if it’s your name on.

Help individuals 
The eBooks that sell the simplest area unit those that fill a real would like. Therefore, one sensible reason to jot down AN eBook is to share data on a subject you recognize tons regarding, and really facilitate your consumers. many days agone I received AN email from somebody telling Maine that they were currently creating over $10,000 a month because of my guide. there’s no manner I will describe in words however sensible reading that email created Maine feel — and it’s one amongst several.

Constant financial gain 
Having a $4,000 day was awing, however it’s the constant financial gain from mercantilism eBook’s that I get pleasure from. I currently have 2 merchandise (1, two (no longer available) that I actively promote and earn an honest passive financial gain. Through nothing however a sidebar ad and regular web site traffic, Cloud Living is on course to create around $3,000 this month. i feel that’s pretty wonderful considering the merchandise was launched half dozen months agone.
And, of course: to create cash.


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Picking Your Topic
Many of you may be tempted to jot down AN eBook currently, however have completely no plan what you’re reaching to write it on. If that’s you, this section can facilitate. For those of you WHO suppose you’ve got a thought and area unit able to roll with it, I still suppose you must continue reading. There area unit tons of eBooks that sell well, and tons additional that sell poorly. Often, the subject of the eBook makes a vast distinction as to whether or not it’ll reach creating cash.

As some way to assist you cut down the concepts noisy around your head without delay, here area unit a number of my suggestions to assist you think that of what topic you may write AN eBook on:

What you recognize regarding – the simplest thanks to produce an excellent product, of course, is to jot down on a subject you recognize within out. I even have been building websites for four years and creating a living with them for pretty much 2, thus I knew my subject well. If you recognize regarding one thing, there’s additionally an honest probability you’ll be addicted to it. this may build it so much easier to stay engaged on the guide and additionally permits you to allow the simplest recommendation potential.

What Your Readers need
 As I even have mentioned, it’s so much easier to market your own merchandise (especially on a blog) than it’s to market things as AN affiliate. If you’ve got AN audience already, why not establish what they want? you may try this by making a poll and asking individuals specifically, otherwise you may consider your preferred web site pages / journal posts and see what your audience reacts to most.

How are you able to provide the foremost price
 Believe it or not, we have a tendency to don’t perpetually understand what we wish. Therefore, asking your readers what they require in an exceedingly guide might not extremely be what they require to buy. As an additional ‘test’ to make sure you’re reaching to write AN eBook on the correct topic, raise yourself what you may indite that might facilitate individuals the foremost. it should not be one thing you’ve got the foremost data on, however you may understand enough to honestly facilitate individuals.

Look Around Your Niche
 Sites like StumbleUpon, Facebook ANd Twitter is an absolute goldmine for product concepts. If you see what topics your business extremely cares regarding, you’ll be able to produce a product that offers them precisely that. to boot, you may inspect the highest blogs in your business and see what they’re promoting. It ne’er hurts to raise somebody if their product is mercantilism well. whereas I don’t advocate you copy what people area unit golf shot out there, this may provide you with some sensible concepts.

Hopefully, the following pointers have given you topic concepts for your eBook. If you’re still searching for suggestions, leave a comment at rock bottom of the post and I’m positive different readers here will assist you to brainstorm.

The Creation method
Once you’ve determined you would like to jot down AN eBook and understand what topic it’s reaching to be regarding, it’s time to induce started. There area unit variety of eBook creation tools and software package packages out there, however I keep the method fairly straightforward. initial of all, I write everything in Open workplace. this is often a free workplace suite that works on all widespread operational systems.

A lot of tools which will flip documents into PDF format don’t enable custom security settings and most of them cannot export hyperlinks properly. Thankfully, Open workplace doesn’t have this drawback. In terms of structure, i favor to design precisely what I’m reaching to refer within the guide and acquire all of my content sections down initial. From there, I will slowly work towards finishing the guide by filling out many daily.

After writing your guide, you almost certainly need to figure on the planning. i take advantage of some nice covers on my eBooks so they appear like real physical merchandise. Of course, I don’t faux they’re over eBooks; it merely appearance higher. moreover as giving the planning AN external look, you’ll be able to additionally work on the internals. i favor to begin the primary page of AN eBook with another image of the duvet and copyright data.

From there, I style a pleasant footer which will show on each page thus keep a general ‘theme’ running throughout the guide. And, finally, I replace all headings with AN actual image file so they appear far better. tons of individuals style their eBooks otherwise thus you must go searching before simply following my very own define. to form the graphics I in person learned a way to use Photoshop however you may additionally rent somebody for affordable from Digitalpoint.

Once you’ve got your eBook written and it’s wanting pretty, you must then set-up a payment processor. this may enable you to receive cash for your guide and have it mechanically delivered to a client, instantly. I in person use e-Junkie to handle this method because it works utterly and handles everything behind the scenes for simply $5 per month. I noticed  several different sites like Problogger and Copyblogger additionally use them.

Getting started with e-junkie is fast and all free (7 day trial). you’ll be able to transfer your eBook PDF file into their admin space, set your worth, so you may receive a ‘Buy now’ link code. this enables you to send individuals straight to PayPal to shop for your guide. Once the payment is approved, e-junkie can mechanically send the customer the eBook, while not you having to try and do something.

Now that everything is so as and therefore the payment processor is sorted, you’re reaching to need to seem at promoting your eBook.


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Marketing Your eBook
The sole task of writing AN eBook is unfortunately not enough to bring you the advantages that we have a tendency to mentioned earlier — you truly need to promote your work. The techniques concerned in promoting AN eBook area unit terribly just like the techniques concerned in promoting something on-line, however I’ll still share my tips here:

Your Audience – My aim is to perpetually be all honest with you guys that the very first thing i need to say is that it’s a lot of easier to sell ANd promote an eBook if you have already got a longtime audience. raise yourself whether or not it’d be wise build up your audience a small amount initial before launching your initial product. Darren Rowse at Problogger didn’t launch AN eBook till his fifth year of writing for the location, however managed to tug in AN calculable $450,000 (based on my calculations victimisation his public sales figures) from a $19 product. It’s ne’er too late to launch a product, however it would be too early. If you’ve got a longtime audience, that’s an excellent place to begin to induce your guide out there.

Networking – many months agone I attended a workshop in London that tutored individuals a way to quit their day jobs. I didn’t move to study that although (I have already got quit my job), however to find out regarding a way to teach individuals a way to quit their job. this is often as a result of I indite personal development and realize it fascinating. though I didn’t move to this workshop to create cash, I actually Mainet many folks that have since purchased eBooks from me.

Affiliates – Out of the $4,500 close to that the eBook created on the day of launch, around $500 of this cash was in affiliate commissions. I enable individuals to market the merchandise and if they refer a buying deal, i’ll provide them fifty one of $37, that is $18.87. I will try this as a result of it’s free on behalf of me to duplicate my PDF file, and that i get my merchandise ahead of individuals WHO wouldn’t have otherwise identified regarding them. to induce affiliates, i favor to concentrate on bloggers and gain their attention by frequently commenting or their web site or even writing many articles before pitching something. provide and you may receive. you may additionally use a service like Clickbank, that I’m reaching to be testing shortly.

Offline Press – the rationale this month goes to be the rival month ever for Cloud Living is as a result of I received some nice offline press recently. i used to be featured in a writing (pic) within the UK’s second biggest newspaper regarding individuals creating a living on-line. This brought thousands of individuals to my web site and resulted in an exceedingly heap additional sales than usual. If you’ll be able to get featured in relevant, offline press, then which will do wonders for your on-line sales.

Search Engine Traffic – i do know some folks that produce eBooks exclusively for the sake of constructing cash from the programme traffic they’re presently receiving. I additionally understand folks that purposefully build eBooks and websites in an exceedingly niche as a result of they’ll build cash, not as a result of they realize the topic. If you’ll be able to realize what issues individuals area unit checking out on-line, and rank within the prime results of Google with an answer thereto drawback (your guide), then there’s tons of cash to be created. I even have in person spoken to individuals creating over $300,000 each year with this technique.

If I had to estimate proportion|what number} Cloud Living sales were supported these as a percentage, i’d say:

Original Audience: seventy fifth
Affiliates: V-J Day
Offline Press: five-hitter
Search Engines: four-dimensional
Networking: I Chronicles
If you’ll be able to realize any of those ways well, you’re reaching to have an honest probability at creating sales and enjoying the opposite advantages that owning your own product must provide. If you’re reaching to concentrate on only one or 2, then undoubtedly work to create up your own audience and gain a listing of affiliates WHO would love to market your product.

The Final Details That I Couldn’t Miss
I know this has been AN completely monster post (although I’m positive you’re accustomed them by now), however there area unit many additional points i need to speak regarding so as to create this guide as helpful as potential. There many things that didn’t extremely match into the opposite sections here however undoubtedly need to be mentioned.

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