How to Do SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks

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Backlink, Contact people were both of them do well when it comes to us here while since you don’t have either the wrong turn now to do what because I mean as yours or pursue a tiny website with no backlinks, hello  everyone I’m Arjun you are in and today I’m going to share with you how you can “SEO” for tiny website that has no backlinks.

I want to share a site that you guys should I check out it’s called “backlinksbacklinko the mockingbird by Buddy mind Brian he doesn’t have a ton of pages it doesn’t have a tech he doesn’t spend his time doing manual out region link belly, yeah he dominates has rankings and he’s getting hundreds and thousands of visitors per month he’s not the only example there’s so many more like that all around the web and is a secret there’s a strategy to getting a lot of traffic when you don’t have a ton of pages sure I’ll be honest you’re not going to get as much traffic compared to site with the million pages but that’s ok you can still do extremely well and get hundreds and thousands of visitors per month even if you have 2030 Pages so what’s get into exactly how you do this step by step.



The first thing that you need to know if you need some sort of contact you needed to contact but you need some sort of contact and the content you create me to heart so before you go out there and write any types of contact what YOU want you NEED TO DO, GO TO (ubersuggest) and putting our competitors URL  when you compare as yours your SEO page shows you the traffic was peaches you’re all of their tops paid it again I want you to do this for each of your competitors because this will show you the most popular Pages it also show you the keywords agencies Pages ranks for and by doing that you’re now no no Linda top Pages.

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What about but the key without their ranking for what I want you to do is look at their most popular Pages I can’t I look to see if you already covered any of those topics chance or give a tiny website and you don’t have any links you have it but just in case they will check them because in that case you want to just your content if you have it you want to create a new contact I wouldn’t want you to do is cry more and up versions and I send all advanced guide or definitive guide or beginner guide whatever you want to call but you are noticed that I’m always in the trend guide you’ll have to use travel guides but what I mean guide I’m from my something that’s so extensive that I was like oh my god.

 this is the end of the old is the I need a look at the rest of the stuff in the space is useless it doesn’t matter so the way you do this is you look up over the competitor A SEO ranking you look at the pages cause you saw those ursubersuggest you got on those articles you read you make sure your pages file 10 times better motel in length it’s not just popping the keywords and their spark bonus or Dad and custom images graphics you can do this for free using to a like Amber or do you want to pay someone you can use and then by having that you’re not going to have a detailed guide that’s super bowl and remember of really important part and doing this is you are looking for the cure the Sinn Fein for cousin presidential you all those keywords.

 you want to make sure your integrating the most popular ones that are relevant to the article also guy and including I’m in your guide because if you do that you’re going outrank other people over time cause you content better use of metrics will be better if it’s not that great you’re not gonna shine cos you use a metrics won’t be as good and what I’m saying he’s a metric some talking about time on site bouncing back and wake reading something so amazing they should want to stick around a lot longer than your competitors URL.


The second thing you need to do is spend 50% of your time and promoting your contact know I will tell you in most cases spend 80% of your time so much work Transferring contacts between York reading these detailed guide they take so much work that you need to spend at least 50% 80% is probably unreal sick but 50% should be doable again you go to (ubersuggest) when you found his URL it shows you are the people linking top if you are able to go back to them just got to the backlinks report in diversity’ found for all competitors it was surely every single person that’s linking to their page when you see the whistling you could head of all up and you can email.

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I’m not talking about 10 or 20 and parking about 50 100-200 overtime email guy that you’re ready if you’re still getting people to link to you the same thing as with promoting you can use searched put in your comparing URL through every single person who Tweed like your compatible you winter asking to share it it’s pretty much simpler are most people will not sure but I load portion well so over your straight into self-assured those two tightest gets you wings and saucer sure but don’t promotion thing that I want you to do is everyone that you lean gout in your guide will let her know that you went out to shoot my email and ask him to share your contact that’s another Samba way to get more social shares.


Some where to get more social shares you need to do or have you noticed if you someone leave a comment on your SITE to respond leave a comment on Facebook try to respond said nurturing a community building that loyalty ask people for anything but that’s helping overtime get more self-assured more backlinks power rankings or more brand craze people typing in YOUR domain in constantly into Google in boost your domain rankings as well cos girls looking for Brian Krause when you have brand Corey’s and more fun than your competition is she OK Google that people love your run over the competitors and you should rank higher so you want a new chick mini is not just as sub was throwing up can’t or putting up the pieces of Carlton and promoting written work that says if you don’t care for people you don’t go Bungay onto alpha male you’re not gonna do well in this teenage when it comes here before thing I want you to do is building.


Last go to the (ubersuggest) check  backlinks  that backlinks reporting procedure to identify new league opportunities always look at your competitors their new links the last links ones that their recently we were so just washing this in the backlinks report if someone recently linked to one year competition what do you think the chance of then we can chill well it’s much higher than someone who wins your competitors 5 years ago when people are linking right now that means you’re open to linking today with someone into other people 5 years ago and they may be done with Andy monocular Lindt anyone else to update their site don’t people continue updating beside the Carter linking two more people does the people that own with your outreach campaign cos they are much more likely to link to you so if you do all of those things if you have a tiny site you don’t need a crepe tons of oracles returns a pita SA contact did you see my super details oh and amazing high in quality you do that you can get it tunnel traffic kid-you-not or 100000 visitors month it’s not about quantity it’s about quality of the key back into doing well in Google.

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