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How To Sell On Amazon If You Live Outside The USA
How To Sell On Amazon If You Live Outside The USA

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How to sell on if you don’t live in the US this is a super common question I get from people all the time ask me probably because if you can’t tell whereabouts am an Australian I would live in the US but I do sell 7 big is a year there so I’m gonna talk about all the things that you should be considering yourself if you’re outside of the US wanting to sell into the US on based on my own experience what I’ve been doing as well as some of the things I’ve learned over the last couple of years network companies in multiple countries living in multiple countries and all about so I hope you enjoy this article.

US Amazon FBA sellers how should you go about this wall most important things you need to know I’m gonna go straight into it with firstly they can you have to sell on the answer almost certainly is going to be yes.

Very quick ways to check and we can just move on so firstly I’ll leave his links down below by the way first you just want to check with your country of residence or citizenship is accepted to sell registration that is going to be one of these this link again just check this list for yourself but almost every single country is on the list here to 99% of my audience does not have this is your country’s on this list is Australia in UK and more, are you will have no problems registering your seller Central account and getting started selling on Amazon make money Online Free.

1. Countries-Regions and Currencies supported By Amazon for disbursement

Currencies supported By Amazon for disbursement
Currencies supported By Amazon for disbursement

2. Countries accepted FOR sellers Registration


There many countries but still lots of countries and the currencies that they’ll pay now again if you’re on this list had a good check and if you’re on the list you don’t have any issues I’m going to talk in a bit in a few minutes about a can do this better rather than getting paid in your home currency you know where is called ball on condoms or whatever else it maybe he didn’t get paid in US dollars and save a lot of money that I’ll talk about that in a second.

So firstly that’s most countries most of all the washing this yes you can just register straight away from whatever country you’re coming from um without issues.

Amazon Where should I register my company

I’ll be writing about taxation at the end of this article to make sure Leanne but my simple short answer is if your country is on that list that first list just register your company wherever it is that you live so if you’re Australian register in Australia if you live in UK register and UK that is by far the most simple thing you won’t you’ll know and you have Tax Professionals in your country you’ll already be familiar with the system how it all works and it’s just probably going to the easiest a simple thing most simple way for you to do this and I will only say then as well as a second point to this if your country isn’t on this country’s accepted list then what you can maybe then do is go and register us LLC which is very easy to do from outside the US but you don’t need to do from outside the US not on that list so again where should I register my company register where you live it’s by far the most simple thing.

How do I get paid Amazon

The simplest way to do this not the best way but the simplest way is again if you’re on that country’s accepted list on and your currency is supported then the simplest way is to your registered your company in Australia are UK a country or where else then you open up a company bank account or personal bank account if that’s if you registering as a sole proprietor I’m alright for a person Amazon seller account and are you get paid internet bank account.

Amazon will transfer from US Dollars so you’ll get you to generate sales and US dollars and then I was like when they’re dispersed you every two weeks or a thing to eat is the default whenever they disperse that can’t see too which is your sales your profit whatever else they will convert that to your home currency according to this list and then they’ll be paid out so that is the simplest way of doing this because you probably already have a bank account in your home country.

According to this list and the now paid out to you so that is the simplest way of doing this because you probably already have a bank account in your home country are it’s not the best way that’s not the best way to the issue with using Amazon’s currency converter is basically so I’m just going to write this out but basically if you allow Amazon to pay into your home ideal person back account back home or wants you register your company in your own country and you’ve open up a local bank account if Amazon pays into that account Amazon currency exchange rate is it’s approximately around about 3% worse alright to do in a convert from US dollars into that home currency.


I am fairly sure this got 100% so don’t quote me but I’m fairly sure that even if you open a US dollar bank account in your local country Amazon will know the dad bank account is located in another country so it still tastes that (3% fee) so when I write that down here not 100% sure on this way I’m but when I was doing a research a few years ago for myself that’s what I found out so unless they changed it it’s the case 3% fee even if you are storing US dollars in your home country now and then my sound like much the best 3% on your total sales you get him all that money back.

That’s really like that’s effectively 3% taken out of your margin or roughly thereabouts anyway so you don’t want have to pay that if you don’t have to but I’ll let you see with doing this is that when you’re having this 3% fee taken out you’re getting your currency converted from US dollars into your home currency then then you gotta pay your Chinese suppliers and you’re gonna be paying a Chinese supplies in US dollars and say what you’re actually doing it’s converting US dollars to your home currency back to US dollars again.

Actually got to conversion fees Not only are you getting me first 3% d which is really an efficient but then secondly you’re doing it more inefficiently again by converting the Seas buyer convert currencies twice so that’s the basic most simple way but it’s also the worst way of doing it because you gonna lose a lot of money and we will cut into your margins so I do not recommend that you use Amazon currency conversion what I recommend you use is a service ran into me service they were actually set up a local bank account.

In the US for you now the best one right now as at the time of filming is transfers and I’ll leave this link so you can go and check out all the Zacks features but essential the ways can I work use instead of linking to a bank account in your local country Wave us where arms-on sorry it will then go and take it 3% fee then you get the currency conversion then you get another fee when you can go back into US dollars you would stay just have a local us bank account in US Amazon sees that it’s us and I’m trying anything then you have US dollars as well being stored so when you pay your supplier there’s no additional currency conversion fee so this service we just transfers are there are a couple of hours that’s also world first and off as well.

But why now transfers is the best one on but all the services this service which transferwise a couple of hours that’s also world first and off as well but why now transferwise is the best 10 but all the services they actually tried to really really low fees so you know me talking like 1% or less than 3% plus whatever else on that second hand so get a transferwise account I had recommended the reason why right now it’s now the best option is cos they also have just released this borderless only it’s not just the debit MasterCard associated with the borderless account.


So that MasterCard means that you can also do a lot of payments and other things we normally would have to go and open up a secondary debit card using a local bank account so transferwise is the best option for this right now what you want to open is the borderless account and then depending on the country of residence for the country degree in right now you may or may not be able to get the debit card their rolling out to new countries as they go when it’s really cool really convenient I don’t use transferwise for my Amazon business Prime may start doing so I have to look into this debit card a bit more but they are the best option I might I know he too happy to use them so I recommend them are and that’s not too bad how you get paid.

shipping Product Amazon

You’re not in the US so physically you’re not present and that can be a kind of mine trip or like gay ego yeah like your headphones people where you think like I’m located in Australia and Canada iCal my shipping goods from China to the US and I what happens to them in first of all the Business Portal is just at incredible that that doesn’t actually matter you buy goods in China you never have to go to China they shoot them directly to Amazon.

And then Amazon’s should come to the customers urine has to be there for anything and that’s how I like when you do that is Shrek from China to Amazon straight to the Amazon FBA Warehouse you don’t need a third-party center to store the goods at any point in the US the key question here is a keeping me need to know about is it you do need to inspect your goods or at least I highly recommend that you inspect your goods at some point between the Chinese factory.

And then get into the amazon FBA Warehouse so the easiest way to do the this and this is how I do this and so I’ve always done this is just get a pre-shipment inspection in China at your supplies factory before they get shipped it’s really boring to get inspection done before they leave the factory so I’m going to put it to recommendations here for inspection services first will be rich for rich or so and the other one is the trust never a lot of inspection services it’s going to be probably between 100 to $200 per inspection so by getting that done with either reach for the trustor you can just go and search your own inspection service by getting that done you will guarantee that you have sufficient information about the quality of your products are what they look like you know where.

They meet back when they’re selling the factory and if there’s any issues you getting fixed up there so then there’s no need it all to get anything or get them physically inspected when they’re in the US so in terms of the actual even been I’m I guess that’s the topic for another video but you will literally just creating a shiver plan in Amazon in Amazon seller central and the address will be one of the FDA warehouses ok direct are mainly for use a freight forwarder to facilitate that and there’s really not much more to wear out there and tell him in terms of additional shipping complications by being a non USA seller I’m there really isn’t much at all so yes you can China and direct to the US that he shouldn’t have been the US on took the money thing.

taxes Amazon

So this is also a really really common question people if they want to know if you know what’s the best way to set up company do you need to set up companies in the US to sell a Middlebury answered that one but like then also tax obligations so what are your the requirements a taxes and it’s a really good question I have spent a long time looking Abyss personally now there are 2 different aspects that you want me looking at or considering 1. sales tax and the other one is 2. income tax.

1. income tax because this is actually the beyond 141 it’s also much more complicated and I get all my questions about it as well so when the kid answers you want refer small do I need to pay income taxes in the US because I’m selling them you asked and secondly how can I pay less taxes we always want to know how to do that and this is no exception so so style and cut out all this I’m not attack prefer channel I’m no accountant.

So this is just my experience and what I have learnt so I always recommend see professional in your own country but you will not be responsible Income taxes in the US and the reason why is going to explain how the various income tax systems work around the world and you can see which one you fit into and you will be responsible for income taxes according to that taxation system so I’m going to go to trustee older Wikipedia to help us explained this.

Basically just give me 4 different income tax systems the first one is just tax-free no income taxes which is great takeaways territorial taxation so what that means is that the income tax is based on the source of the income so let’s say you lived in Panama Panama Isa territorial taxation system what that means is that for anyone living in Panama if they earn income in Panama there’s a Panamanian business of a hatter cafe in Panama then that pay tax on that but if they are selling on Amazon that is so strip outside of Amazon so in time in case there’s no tax note income tax due on the income ozone outside Panama in is on so in the United States are so that’s heritable taxation residence-based taxation is by far the most common one now I will have Wikipedia, So you can see.

But then we can hear a map of all countries in the world so pick where of your country is and go by the color basically the dark blue is residential taxation system which is this the country that you’re living in right now has that dark blue you’re going to get taxed based on your wall laying come back into your home country so this is mega sounds complicated it’s really not it’s like if you’re an Australian and you lose in Australia the Australian tax authority authority the ATO he’s going to text you on your worldwide income and similar if we look over here at the UK then the HMRC I think it’s called if you’re living in the UK contact you on your wall cladding come back into the UK are now be and then that’s the most common system by far and the very last summer citizenship-based so he lived in the US or Hungry or I think that’s richer I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that.

You had a lot then your country which is going to be the USA whatever they’re going to text you on all the time and it doesn’t matter where you live He lives that’s what you getting taxed on so that’s the worst one but generally if you watching this you’re probably getting taxed based on a residence-based taxation system so that means is if you live in the UK’s you live in Canada if you live in Australia selling on Amazon us yes you will be taxed on that in car and again I’m not rushing so I can’t really get down in Sydney degree but essentially is not going to matter.

If you have a company that’s based on a flat so you’re Australian living in Australia with Australian company you can’t let save taxes by registering a company in Panama on Hong Kong or in a tax free country it won’t matter because your residence the country of residence that you’re in which Australia UK up instantly most first well developed countries are they going to touch on that income anyway and there’s actually very specific laws and rules where they can find out that your income even though you might be channeling it for a company to turn a different country they will still so tight that do you and you will have 8 attacks and as far as I know there are no exceptions to this its sort of changing a lot.

And this is like you know the whole offshore thing that’s not really what used to be so in short if you’re wondering about income taxes you’re not going to pay us income taxes but you just going to pay income taxes where it is that your live and that’s again assuming that you’re a residence-based taxation country which is it most countries so um what I recommend you is if that’s you so if you are in one of these dark blue countries and you’re looking to save a company or to earn income in a way that reduces your taxation then you have to do it by following the rules of your country.

Now the specific rules vary but basically in broad terms what you need to be looking at is not becoming on or becoming a non-resident of your country so if that’s Australia you need to leave Australia and do it according to Australia rules so that Australia thinks that you left Australia simile for the UK you have to actually do that in UK so that the UK tax authority things or rather that you don’t live in the UK anymore and then once you’ve moved out of one of those countries whatever that your country is then you move to the tax threshold of taxation and lose my words Territory taxation tax-free country and once you moved from your own country your residence ice taxation country into one is tax-free ones or territorial tax.

Example I used where if it’s Panama Oreskes rego somewhere like that income NZ is outside of that country it’s from time from us so that on tax it so to get an idea this is a really good topic I’m just giving you this or a broad brushstrokes of how it works are you can do further research itself but basically you would need to move from let’s say you would need to move from Canada into one of these countries and legitimately move there are you know quite a few ones I’m here somewhere quite nice to live in some not so much oh that’s really on you and us as well and what you looking for but he’s only if like most people you just want to keep leading where you are right now.

Which is completely fine don’t worry or don’t try and use this Amazon thing as a way to reduce your income taxes all of these government all these tax authorities they know exactly what everyone’s going to try and do and so if you try and get around the rules trying to say that you live somewhere else where you actually live in your home country are you’ll be much get screwed so there’s an option for you to be able to reduce your tax it down to 0 or close to zero by world requires a lot of work a lot of research.

and really changing your life to suit that so that’s why I just recommend incorporate or register your company where you live and just keep leaving now if you want to live there and be happy with it and then do you minimize but you do it according to your own countries rule so it’s obviously just claiming expenses and deductions as can to reduce taxable income and someone else 04 so bad you know ca tax professional in your country it’s.

2. Sales tax now where’s income taxes are going to be generated or you’ll have to follow the rules of the country that you live in generally with residence-based taxation with sales tax is a us-based thing so the actual authorities that will be trying to Levi sales tax are the US states themselves so annoys me information of your see will be for us-based Cellars but secondly this is maybe getting to grow or maybe even greater out but essentially you’ll still be liable for sales tax.

Just the same as you are cells will be I’m so all the information you see that pertains to us is also done apply to you in terms of registering for sales tax-paying sales tax so the only other thing that id say when it comes to sales tax on again this is not professional life is that most of the information that you see around compliance or the ability for US states chain rule on non USA size should or shouldn’t pay sales tax but do know that yes technically you ask postpaid the sales tax and register exactly the same as us-based sellers are so I hope that answers your questions about how to sell on Amazon as a non USA seller.

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