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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review


Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

Huawei mate 30 Pro: is a Google-free phone sorry may be thinking it’s a good thing but is it and is it something you could live with wet hands-on time with this really interesting and very exciting new phone to find out 

Telling me when I say Google-free phone or somebody may already know the Huawei mate 30 pro does not come with Google Play all Google services installed and it’s all because of this very tedious and very annoying war between US government and follow itself for sink Huawei not be able to do business with us companies and that means you can’t use Google services so instead what we have is Android open source project underneath horizon line 10 user-interface so on the surface it looks exactly the same as that while a P30 pro but underneath it’s ever so slightly different you don’t have to complain installed out-of-the-box you don’t have anything like Google Maps or Google pay all the things you won’t find on the P30 pro or any other major Android phone sold outside of China.

 Those the key point There’s actually phoned essentially sold in China because enjoy like you don’t go Google services on Android phones anyway so that means to you is if you use an Android phone recently well it won’t be anything like this one you’ll be missing all those apps for you normally find YouTube Gmail Google Map still driving someone it’s so long I’m at all it’s a bit of a pain but is it the end of the world no cos I’m around stores for a story in stores its own for a dog gallery and well it’s boring but there isn’t anything in there that you would expect to find in any other bookstore it is a little bit trying to focused as you’d imagine however were quick go of your balls are you can still be amazon-AppStore was a lot more familiarity inside there so you still can quite easily yet familiar apps but you will be missing everything was banned in China so obviously all of the Google Apps they don’t work on this phone anyway.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

 But things like WhatsApp and Facebook and Twitter and pretty much any Social Network or messaging app apart from WeChat then you have to do a little bit more exploring if you’re technically minded and you don’t mind Mind playing around there are ways to get the Google Play store on here it’s something we have done and it’s not that difficult if you’re willing to spend time you can get the apps that you want onto your Huawei mate 30 pro however it is a little bit more difficult to get some of the Google services Google Maps works correctly but you won’t be able to get Google to pay or anything that requires the full version of Android underneath the Mui skin.

So Various billing political reasons the worry mate 30 pros will never be a regular for Android phone will always be a little bit different and you’re going to have to work to try and make it as similar as possible so the question then becomes is it worth it yes, of course, it’s worth it is the first of two main reasons why you’re going to still want.

 Huawei mate 30 Camera

 Huawei mate 30 pros the first with the camera. Look at it on the fact you have this amazing Halo the goes around that circular camera bump inside which are through lenses and a single sensor turbos Lindsay’s I’ve got 40 megapixels is the first one the main camera lens 48600 and I doubt 1.61 and that’s all I don’t know when winds second is ultra-wide lens still 40 megapixels and 1.8 aperture then you’ve got always an 8-megapixel telephoto lens and finally that sensor I don’t think time-of-flight sensor that to improve bouquet facts and to help focus and to make are systems possible to The results are really impressive take a look at those cameras.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

 Huawei mate 30 pro is slow-motion videos now also motion stuff before but this time will affect his dramatic West is a 7690 frames per second video mode and local Salvation mows lawns you got the right it’s subject the results are astonishing where are the main reason you’re going to be drawn to the mate 30 pro cause this incredible screen it measures 6.53 inches and your screen to body ratio is 94.1% about means you a whole lot of screen and we are very much body and what makes up possible is this the incredible 88 degrees curve around the side woman’s the screen Cascades across the edge Lucy was a few time and mostly concept and click on known as the waterfall screen and it truly is fantastic it looks superb the summer by the questioning why you’d want this or could not.

This the don’t know literally no I really need that until you see the phone from the front this is where the world to full screen comes into a time there was no basil was at the side literally no Basil’s not those pretend where they really small more call Damo Dazza was don’t want any for screen remember the Cascades over the edge so when you’re looking at the display you’re seeing it all and it’s really Basil’s at the top and the bottom but that’s it there is nothing by the side and the effect with dramatic you see more and that is the honest truth.

 Huawei mate 30 Capacity 

 Let’s talk a little bit more about the  Huawei mate 30 pros design and its conscious reformers Tell me 198 grams when you consider this cop but 6.5 inch screen that’s pretty impressive the new iPhone 11 Promax example with the same size screen that weighs 226 grams and believe me but different it something you’ll feel when you pick up those two phones together it’s pretty soon so what I went 8 millimeters or die of the slimmest phone out there a good reason for this inside is a full 1500 milliamp-hour battery.

 And was going to give us always free Ms long battery life we expect this to be a 10-day phone just like the P30 pro how was great to its worries Nokia N9 multiprocessor inside that comes with a brand new image signal processor for the camera and plenty of new artificial intelligence which is you can also buy the main 30 Pro with  Huawei mate 30 5G by version is early different to this for you don’t get the same camera and you’re going to get all about extra fast beta speeds.

 Huawei mate 30 Price and securities 

Huawei make 30 pro price around $1200, Huawei mate 30 prices in Malaysia RM.2299 – 8 GB OF RAM AND 256 GB OF Storage, Securities excellent to this face unlock using my droid 3D center of the front where you can see there it’s instant there’s no waiting around the tooth fairy always been really good at this but this one it’s amazingly fast if you don’t use that you’ve got a fingerprint sensor below the screen as well and that is also very fast and very accurate but she isn’t so the only use face on rock or is also added a series of gestures to a mate 30 pro I’m a 50% success Innova to only one of them work.

 Before this one which does work is a screenshot system and you hold your hand in front of the phone please you’ll see a little icon on the top showing that is recognised the phone you can just do it take screenshot that works every time the time it’s really quite helpful the other system is a system with scrolling and you’re supposed to weigh your girlfriend in front of the plane and scroll down pages but I haven’t got the mask or it doesn’t work and that’s a bit of a problem although I don’t have anyway is screen Century cars on the side for the volume so what is a gesture social button on the side. 

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