ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize money

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One-Day Cricket World Cup 2019 New Zealand and domestic team in England have been convinced in the London Stadium in the One-Day Cricket World Cup 2019 prize money,

Both teams lost India and Australia, as the World Cup champion.  This will be the first World Cup win on Sunday New Zealand and domestic team in England.

 The New Zealand and England cricket team will hand over  ($ 4,000,000) with the World Cup trophy in the Sunday event.  The runner up team, which reaches similar to you, will receive ($ 2,000,000).

 The team to reach the semifinals will receive ($ 8,00,000) dollars.  That means that India and Australia will get 8 million.

 Based on the victory of the league match played by semi-finals, all will win $ 40,000 ($ 40,000), every team, which will not reach the semi-finals, will be given one million dollars.

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cricket world cup prize money

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